Video shooting

Eleanor and Awesome 50 dragrace Zandvoort

A nice day for a dragrace demo with Leo’s Awesome 50. Leo gave me a headstart, cause 1500 HP + 600 HP additional with NOS is a bit much to beat :-)

Eleanor filmed by Johan in Driehuizen

O yeah Eleanor in action! I left out the background music and you’re about to find out why. Turn up those speakers and have fun.

Rizla racing Day, TT Circuit Assen, Pioneer stand

This is what the Pioneer stand looks like, with Eleanor in the center.

Eleanor Dragrace Demo All American Days in Weert

Thanks Danny and Remy for taking care of the video.

Eleanor modifications

For the Eleanor-Tech fans. The modifications we’ve made during the winter of 2005/2006.

Eleanor tested by Tim Coronel of AutoXperience “THE ORIGINAL “

The original episode of AutoXperience with Tim Coronel testing my Eleanor.
(Broadcasted 23-09-2006 RTL7)

Eleanor tested by Tim Coronel of AutoXperience “behind the scenes”

Being interviewed by Tim Coronel and then what we’ve all been waiting for… Eleanor burning rubber.

Concours d’elegance – Low Res

Eleanor Mustang at Palace ‘t Loo in Apeldoorn to take part in AutoVisies Jubileum Exposition at the Concours d’elegance.

FFC meeting – Low Res

Eleanor with the Full size Ford Club at Big Daddy’s (Nieuwegein).
Had a wonderful day at Big Daddy’s. This is realy a fantastic place for a car show. Met a lot of nice people, saw a lot of great cars and Eleanor came in first place.