Technical information Eleanor Mustang

Custom built 351 Cleveland (5,8 liter V8) 4V Quench head

From left to right: Fuelpressure gauge, Tachometer…

…Air/Fuel gauge (installed lambdasonde in the exhaust to measure the air/fuel proportion).

View on the extra lines…

…for the NOS and the fuel and the fuelpressure-regulator.

The red device in the upper right corner of this picture keeps a limit on the fuelpressure…

…on the gauge in the car, for safety reasons.

The NOS bottle is installed in the center of the car.

The clamps are home-made to fit exactly in the existing holes. (Don’t want to put some extra holes in Eleanor).

As you can see, it’s all well within hand-reach to open the NOS bottle…

…activate the system and push the go-baby-go button.

Installed an even heavier fuel system (fuelpump and all the lines) and NOS.

The NOS® CheaterTM system is designed for use on 350 CID or larger, carbureted engines. It uses large nitrous and fuel solenoids and can be adjusted to any desired power level from 150 to 250 horsepower, in a matter of seconds. CheaterTM systems are easy to install and utilize a 1/2″ thick injector plate which fits between the carburetor and intake manifold to provide ample hood clearance.

CheaterTM systems include a 10 lb. nitrous bottle, four (4) stages of jets, aircraft-quality steel braided lines and all other necessary electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation. Each single carburetor CheaterTM system includes Jet Pack #13725 that allows jetting to four (4) different horsepower levels: 150, 180, 210 and 250.

At the right of this picture you see the red box which is the MSD ignition retard control.

It will retard the ignition a couple of degrees when the engine is at high-revs. (when using the NOS for instance)

Fresh blue paint on the block and some fresh Taylor SPIRO PRO 8 mm ignition wires.

Work done… 95%
  • Forged flat top pistons
  • Motorsport solid lifter CAM
  • Steel roller rockers
  • Holley strip dominator intake
  • 750 CFM Holley carb.
  • Motorsport steel flywheel
  • BOSS 302 Long style clutch
  • Lakewood bell housing
  • Top Loader 4 Speed
  • Hurst Linkage
  • Duraspark dist W/MSD6AL
  • Hooker headers
  • Recessed, functional side exhaust from Unique Performance
  • Shelby braces, TCP Kit 1 and 2 subframe connectors
  • Monte Carlo bar
  • All PIAA lights
  • Trunk release remote switch
  • Power Steering
  • 10,000 RPM tachometer
  • Fuel Safe Fuel Cell, 22 Gallon
  • Trunk Mounted Battery
  • Front double piston disk brakes w/brake line lock
  • 3 core radiator
  • Rear end is a big bearing Ford 9″ housing w/28 spline w/3.70 open street 3RD member
  • Electrical fuel pump