Eleanor pictures

Eleanor pictures РCopyright RamSpeed

Photoshoot by Daniel Logger

Photoshoot at Zaandam by a young photographer called Daniel Logger. Including a rare picture of the Eleanor with the flamethrowers in action.

AutoMaxx magazine photoshoot

Patrick Huijs 402 Events did a photoshoot for the AutoMaxx magazine.

Photoshoot Eric van Vuuren

Eric learned from the best car photographer (Henk van den Hurk AutoVisie). In my opinion Erics photoshoot of Eleanor is the best i’ve seen so far. Can you do any better? Then send us an e-mail for an appointment with Eleanor.

Photoshoot Martijn Beerthuizen

Martijn Beerthuizen en Mr. Rabbit did this photoshoot of Eleanor in IJmuiden. I did some photo editing (went a little overboard). Hope you like the results.

Eleanor photoshoot by Josh J.

Eleanor at the Cruise Brothers in Den Haag / The Hague Holland. Josh J. took some nice pictures. Watch the NOS purging system.

Pictures by Rob van Veen

Rob van Veen did a small photoshoot of Eleanor in Uitgeest. Use d a small camera but the pictures are very nice. Crispy and clean!

Mark Sassen Fotografie IJmuiden

Mark and i found a great location for an Eleanor photoshoot in IJmuiden.

Auto and Tuning Rein van der Zee

A nice photoshoot with Rein van der Zee in IJmuiden. This is done for the Dutch carmagazine Auto and Tuning.

Autoweek Fons Klappe

A few months after AutoVisie, the dutch car magazine AutoWeek also did an article about Eleanor.