1704, 2010

Tuningshow HungExpo Hungarije

Of to Hungarije! People there also love Eleanor :-)
Me and my pal Ruud took a roadtrip of more than 1000 miles and we ended up in Budapest…

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1105, 2008

KingCruise Muiden

Went to Muiden again. Great weather, great cars at the KingCruise. Took the F150 there too.

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2001, 2008

Autosalon Brussel

At the Autosalon in Brussel Belgium. A little boring stand… Well it can’t always be christmas. :-) Every visitor of the carshow could have their picture taken with Eleanor.

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1111, 2007

Mechelen Belgium

Nice carshow at Mechelen Belgium. Also at the Pioneer stand. Nice show of the Fuel Girls too. Got to see those..

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1310, 2007

100% Tuning Ahoy Rotterdam

Pulled over by these police officers at Rotterdam. Just before the Ahoy halls. They turned out to be car enthusiasts too. So we could continue without a fine and a very nice picture. Of to […]

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1908, 2007

All American Sunday Assen

A nice stand for Eleanor at the All American Sunday in Assen. Eleanors big brother The Ford F150 1985 pick up truck was also there in fresh new paint. The Mequiars team took care of […]

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1408, 2007

Rizla Racing Day

Eleanor as 2008 Pioneer car at the Rizla Racing day in Assen. The Pioneer stand is a big truck trailer that could fold out. Had to put her up there in a very special way.

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608, 2007

All American Day Weert

A little dragrace demo, a rocket truck and offcourse the Awesome 50. Nice weather and a big crowd completed this terrific day in Weert. We did some video shooting too. Watch it in the Movie-section.

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906, 2007

Mequiars calendar

Photoshoot for the Mequiars calendar 2007 at Katella’s Beverwijk. In the same calendar is also Leo’s Mercury Awesome 50 dragrace car!

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606, 2007

AutoRAI 2007 Disney stand

At the AutoRAI on te Disney stand and in between Herby and Lightning McQueen was Eleanor. For two weeks Eleanor promoted the famous movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” brought out on Blue Ray DVD. Great […]

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606, 2007

Cruise Brothers The Hague

Just some random pictures of Eleanor at the Cruise Brothers meeting in The Hague. I was being interviewed for a local television show.

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210, 2006

AutoXperience Tim Coronel

Eleanor featured in an episode of AutoXperience with Tim Coronel. The videoshooting took place in Beverwijk and Wijk aan Zee. ( hours of videoshooting for 10 minutes of television. But it was worth it :-)
Don’t […]

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1308, 2006

Kingcruise meeting at Maxis Muiden

A nice day at the american carshow Kingcruise. We made a nice picture of Barry’s Chevrolet Impala cruising on the highway and passing this MacDonalds sign.

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2605, 2006

Speedfreaks Circuitpark Zandvoort

Speedfreaks festival at Circuitpark Zandvoort.

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805, 2006

Eleanor in her new garage

For insurance reasons the old wooden garage had to be replaced by a brick one.

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705, 2006

Eleanor new wheels

Finally the new PS Engineering wheels have arrived from Mustang Unlimited Las Vegas. Now thats better!

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