Shelby GT 500 Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

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…the coolest Mustang of them all is the Shelby GT500 Eleanor, that featured spectaculair in Gone in Sixty Seconds. A lot of Americans fel in love with this machine like Nicolas Cage in the movie and had a Ford Mustang transformed into an Eleanor. Now there is an Eleanor mustang in Holland. (Ton Roks AutoVisie 2005)

Eleanor Magazine article!
Avada Macbook Image
Additional Horsepower with NOS
MPH topspeed
seconds quarter mile

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Eleanor Mustang Pictures Images

Eleanor pictures

Enjoy hundreds of Eleanor Mustang images from several photoshoots of Eleanor in Holland. All done by professional photographers and models.
Eleanor Mustang Movies Videos

Eleanor movies

We love Eleanor in Holland and we got these movies to show it. We will do some more movies of Eleanor on a regular base. Turn up the volume!
Eleanor Mustang Technical Information

Eleanor downloads

Get to know all the technical ins and outs of the Dutch Eleanor. Pictures of the 351 Cleveland 4V Quench head V8 engine, the NOS Cheater system and the modifications we’ve made.

Eleanor Mustang – Technical information

  • Forged flat top pistons

  • Motorsport solid lifter CAM

  • Steel roller rockers

  • Holley strip dominator intake

  • 750 CFM Holley carb.

  • Motorsport steel flywheel

  • BOSS 302 Long style clutch

  • Lakewood bell housing

  • Top Loader 4 Speed

  • Hurst Linkage

  • Duraspark dist W/MSD6AL

  • Hooker headers

  • Recessed, functional side exhaust from Unique Performance

  • Shelby braces, TCP Kit 1 and 2 subframe connectors

  • Monte Carlo bar

  • All PIAA lights

  • Trunk release remote switch

  • Power Steering

  • 10,000 RPM tachometer

  • Fuel Safe Fuel Cell, 22 Gallon

  • Trunk Mounted Batteries

  • Pioneer HIFI soundsystem

  • 4 x 13″ BAER track disc brakes

  • 3 core radiator

  • Rear end is a big bearing Ford 9″ housing w/28 spline w/3.70 open street 3RD member

  • Electrical fuel pump

  • NOS “Cheater system” (250 HP extra)

  • NOS activator switch+ warninglight

  • NOS Purge Kit intimidator

  • Go-Baby-Go button (Hurst handle)

  • PS Engineering GT40 rims

  • Linelock (with activator switch)

  • Extra heavy dragrace clutch

  • Flywheel tuned

  • Mallory fuelpump 120 gph@6psi

  • High flow aluminium fuellines

  • Doorpanels“brushed aluminium”

  • KYB shocks front/rear

  • Front coil suspension

  • EARL’s performance plumbing

  • PERFORM-O-FLEX stainless braid- protected synthetic rubber hoses

  • MSD ignition retard controle

  • Side exhaust Flame Throwers

  • …and than some…

“Eleanor is the only Ford Mustang in history to receive Star title credit!”

“Cars are often featured but never one that the lead was the car” Lee Iacocca

“ Eleanor” Is a 1971 Fastback Ford Mustang played the role of a 1973 Mach 1 Ford Mustang, a true lady both beautiful and tough and is the “Star” of Gone in 60 Seconds. Toby Halicki, teams up with “Eleanor” and puts her through “The most hair-raising chase scene ever filmed”…. said Car Craft Magazine.

You don’t know what that is? it’s a can of Nitrous Oxide. It’s used to accelerate the car signifigantly at the driver’s consent, not trying to sound scientific, just to tell you what it does.
Wonjong Lee
Best car in the world general lee second haha hearin this thing idol is music or angels lol
i was just texting as this video started… then i heard then engine… jaw dropped and i looked lol
Go Baby Go!! Great job putting nos on it, boy do i love eleanor’s bright red tail lights
Major Hawke
you have to modify a lot more than the exhaust to get a sound like that

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